This website is dedicated to all the fans of the Matrimony band. We are not at all affiliated to them nor we are their official website. Instead, we are an online platform that cares about their fans. We want them to be able to express themselves freely when it comes to their idol so we created a platform so they can interact with other fans like them from all over the world.

We are privy to the fact that there are times when people do not agree when it comes to people they are going to idolize. There is always somebody who would say something negative about it and make them feel bad about the people they idolize. For Matrimony fans, this is not a problem here. The forum site is monitored by mediators 24/7 to prevent offensive and foul words from being thrown here. As much as we want to give people the freedom to express themselves, we believe that this could be done in a harmonious way. This is most especially since there are always minors who come to visit this website from time to time.

What else can you get from this website? You can get here the latest and most up-to-date information about the matrimony band – where you can find this group next, and when would be their next gig. You can also know if they have concerts here and where to get the tickets if they do. Albums, soundtracks, fan paraphernalia – name it, we are going to give you behind-the-scenes information about all these. All you need to do is stay tuned at the updates we are going to post.

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