Our Frequently Asked Questions page gives answers to the commonly asked questions by our customers. If you want your questions answered, you can also refer here before contacting us via email. In that way, you could save time and effort and can even know more about the topic related to your inquiry.


Is this the official fan website of the Matrimony band?

This is not at all related to the band nor any of the band’s fans club. We stand solo and we are an independent entity. This is simply an online platform where the fans of the Matrimony band could interact with each other or could get the latest and most up-to-date news about them.


Do you sell concert tickets of the Matrimony band?

No, we do not. We do not also give you information regarding where you can purchase them unless they are announced on the official page of the band. What you can get from us is the date when the tickets would be available so that you can be the first on the line before everything gets sold out.


Do you sell here fan merchandise?

We do not sell any fan merchandise here at our website. But we can give you the links on where you can buy them so that you can get limited shirts, mugs, and other memorabilia that would always make you remember the band. We know many online stores that sell them. They have good reviews you can check in many review sites to ensure that you are protected all the time.


Do you have fan meetups and group huddles?

Due to insistent demand of the fans, we are now planning to make the first meet and greet happen. We are just looking for the right opportunity and want this to coincide with the gig of the Matrimony band. Stay tuned for more updates on this here at our online bulletin.