What I love about this website is that it has a user-friendly feature. I can access easily all the information I need here. The articles are arranged accordingly in chronological order. What more is that you can easily find other features such as live chat and the forum site. It is easy to get the latest information about the Matrimony band and with the comment box strategically placed at the bottom of each article, you can easily ask questions about that articles without confusing other people that I am referring to other write-ups. Plus, the response is fast. If there are no other guests willing to answer my question, the admin themselves would respond. Good customer service here.



I like this website because this is the only website where I can get comprehensive news about the Matrimony band. I’ve been following them for years now and I have proven how hard it is to find news about them at times. But here at this website, not only all the information is available for you, you even get them for free. Even when you subscribe, they deliver news straight to your email without charge. I admit I am not the most organized person. I usually overlook things especially monitoring news and websites. But the subscription here could be sync with your calendar so it would remind you of certain event you want to be reminded of. Very nice indeed.



This website is my source of information when it comes to the latest happenings to the career life of the Matrimony band. Admittedly, they are good at what they do. They are leading when it comes to serving the needs of the Matrimony fans that is without losing their credibility in the process. They do not act like a cheap paparazzi which makes them really respectable in this business.